Greg is a guitarist of extraordinary style and power who has plied his trade alongside some of the greats like Ronnie Montrose and Double Trouble. Now in demand on stage and in Nashville studios, Greg was one of the inspirations used to create the Talladega. Also check out Greg's solo album "Tailgate Troubadour" on iTunes or at CD Baby.
  Guitar moodmaster Greg V creates atmosphere and demonstrates the huge sonic landscape of his Talladega in this series of sound clips.

Intro: Greg's Talladega Grind
Clip 3: Neck (1)
Clip 1: Bridge
  Clip 4: Neck (2)
Clip 2: Parallel
  Clip 5: Series
NEW: Clip 6: Talladega Mayhem

In Clip 7 below, Greg cycles through each position three times.
You can follow his switching with the time log.

Clip 6: Multiple Pass
Bridge :00 to :06
Parallel :07 to :14
Neck :15 to :22
Series :23 to :30
Bridge :32 to :46
Parallel :47 to :55
Neck :56 to 1:13
Series 1:14 to 1:27
Bridge 1:28 to 1:37
Parallel 1:38 to 1:47
Neck 1:48 to 1:59
Series 2:00 to 2:23