Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty period of my guitar?


Who do I contact for warranty service for my guitar?

You need to contact your place of purchase with a copy of your sales receipt and request a warranty service evaluation. The dealer or service center should then contact KMC Music and request a Return Authorization number.

What if my place of purchase is out of business or in another state?

Use our website's search engines to find a local service center for your product. Then contact them with a copy of your sales receipt and request a warranty service evaluation.

How long does it take to get a warranty service evaluation?

The dealer or service center must contact KMC Music for a Return Authorization (RMA) number and shipping instructions. As a consumer, you are responsible for shipping charges to return the product to KMC Music. Once in the possession of KMC Music Inc., the evaluation normally takes 2-3 days.

What happens after the evaluation?

KMC Music determines if the product is repairable and will repair it under the terms of the warranty policy for that product. The product will be returned to the dealer or service center, prepaid.

What if my guitar is not repairable?

KMC Music will replace the item with another one of equal value. In the case of a discontinued model, KMC Music will replace the item with another of equal or more value.

Is my warranty transferable?

No, all KMC Music warranty policies are valid only to the original purchaser with a warranty card on file or a copy of the original sales receipt as proof of purchase.

How can I get parts for my guitar?

Contact your place of purchase to order parts. You need to provide the model and serial number of the product and a copy of your sales receipt if the part is under warranty.

What does a Limited Lifetime Warranty Policy really mean?

Our Limited Lifetime warranty policy means that for the first 2 years you own the product, KMC Music will cover all parts and labor for anything deemed defective. After that initial 2 year period, KMC will cover the parts for anything deemed defective as long as you own the product, but now the consumer is responsible for any labor charges incurred in the repair. Please Note: All electronics, machine heads and strings are not covered under warranty.

How much is my guitar worth?

Neither KMC Music or Hamer Guitars deal in used instruments, therefore we cannot answer questions about the value of your instrument. Your best source is your local authorized Hamer dealer who is knowledgeable about our products and your local market area. Please use the Dealer Search on our website to find your local authorized Hamer dealer.

How can I determine the age of my guitar?

Hamer USA Guitars: Serial Numbering System

From 1974 through 1981 Hamer USA employed two separate serial numbering systems, one for custom instruments and one for production models:

Custom Instruments: These instruments are easily recognized by the use of a four digit number stamped into the wood on the back of the peghead. The numbers ran from #0000 through #0680. All of the early Hamer USA Standards and 12-String basses as well as a number of prototype instruments were included in this serial numbering system.

Production Models: Production models are stamped (initially with ink, later into the wood, on the back of the peghead) with either a five or six digit serial number. The first digit indicates the year that the instrument was built. The next four or five digits are sequentially stamped in order of production. For example, serial number 7 0001 was built in 1977 and was the first production model guitar built. Similarly, 0 1964 was built in 1980 and was the 1,964th production guitar built. The serial numbering sequence by decade is indicated below:

1970s: 7 0001 - 9 1450
1980s: 0 1451 - 9 24192
1990s: 0 24193 - 9 50155
2000s: 0 50156 - present

What type of strings are used on a Hamer?

Guitars: Hamer US: D'Addario XL110, .010"-.046"
XT Series: .010-.013-.017-.027-.036-.046
12 String basses: Hamer Strings: .045/.020p; .065/.025; .080/.035; .100/.045

Any particular care and maintenance?

The service department recommends high-quality guitar polish such as Dunlop Formula 65 on all parts of the guitar. The fingerboard should be treated semi-annually with light mineral oil. Remember, a clean guitar is a happy guitar.

Where can I get strings for my 12-string bass?

Any Hamer or KMC Music dealer can order them. The part number is HAMER12.