It's All About the Details

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  • The Body
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  • Hamer necks are constructed using a "stressed neck" system, by matching a straight grain with 2 opposing grains
  • Hamer necks are joined using an oversized dovetail joint.
  • Hamer uses a low mass, 3/16" in diameter truss rod, requiring less wood to be removed from the neck.
  • Hamer installs each steel truss rod pre-tensioned, which allows the truss rod to be adjusted both forward and backward.
  • All Hamer frets are hand seated one at a time using a hand press.
  • All fingerboards are attached to the necks and allowed to settle before being radiused and fretted.
  • Hamer uses a patented "lubritrak nut" which is a material impregnated with lubricating molecules.
  • All rosewood fingerboards are "Quarter Sawn".


  • This process makes each neck rigid and resistant to warping and twisting because of grain direction and density.
  • Because the neck joint is 25% larger than the "tenon" style, the transmission of energy and vibration give every Hamer a naturally longer sustain and sweeter tone.
  • This ensures that the truss rod does not interfere with the sound of the wood.
  • This eliminates the need for sustain-robbing double rods or strengthening bars to remove warps or bows.
  • Ensures that every fret is pressed down evenly and exactly, regardless of the density of the wood.
  • Necks will stay truer for a longer period of time.
  • The nut self lubricates to ensure each string from hanging up.
  • Ensures long life, straightness, and contributes to the stability of the neck.


  • Hamer bodies are constructed using the finest "Pattern Stock" Honduras mahogany.
  • Every Hamer is finished with fine guitar lacquer and buffed to perfection.
  • Each strap button is mounted on a flat, routed, surface including a rubber shock absorber.


  • Provides each Hamer with the best quality wood for greater resonance, vibration, and tone.
  • Gives each Hamer a deep, rich, finish without inhibiting the sound quality.
  • Cushions any impacts and stress from the strap, which can cause finish cracking.


  • All pickups are tone-selected for its intended location. Something Hamer has been doing since the beginning.
  • All pickups are mounted to the body using threaded brass inserts.
  • All volume pots are custom tapered with a boost at the last 1/10th of rotation.
  • On all Archtop models each pot shaft is drilled perpendicular to the surface.
  • Control cavities are meticulously wired and sprayed with a coat of premium nickel based paint and covered with an aluminum plate.


  • Ensures a selection of available tones and optimizes each individual pickup sound.
  • Provides stability rather than using wood screws.
  • Allows for an additional volume gain for soloing.
  • In doing it this way there is no interference with the curve of the arch, allowing the controls to be brought closer to the bridge.
  • Making sure that every Hamer is free from any unwanted noise.
The Electronics
The Electronics