April's Cover Girl: Red Molly

Black hardware, Floyd Rose Tremolo, Sustainiac...

Designer's note:

"Once in a while you've got to do something crazy to keep your sense of sanity intact. This guitar is the throwback-wackadoo shredder tribute to metaldom that we rarely build. So of course, we loved doing it. Once."

(click each photo for a larger image)

Continuing the red and black theme, the back of the guitar is festooned with black cover plates to house the various electronics imbedded in the mahogany back.
Black binding, fingerboard and hardware against a transparent red flamed maple top gives this guitar the "Bordello" look. The fingerboard choice had to be black ebony with black binding to match the rest of the instrument. Crown inlays of mother of pearl are juxtaposed with the giant pole-piece of the Sustainiac driver. Is that a Floyd Rose?


The classic Hamer heel blend. The access to the highest frets is superb, and with the sustainiac switched to the "harmonic" position you can play notes only dogs hear!
Upside down and backwards, so wrong... so right!

Clever little pop-up battery box for the Sustainiac battery.