Monaco Elite, Lefty: Tobacco Sunburst w/ WCR Pickups

Designer's note:

"The journey for this custom built left handed Monaco Elite started months ago. Its 14 coats of lacquer have now air dried for over two weeks. It's finally time to sand it, polish it, assemble it and bring it to life."

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Here is Todd buffing our trademark deep luster into the Monaco's finish. Looking into the finish of a Hamer is like looking into a deep pool of clear water; it's endless.
After spending the morning buffing out the guitar, Todd moves on to fit the component parts to it. We hand wired this lefty with WCR's Fillmore Set of pickups. We regularly accommodate our customers by installing custom pickups. It's a small way that we can stay close with our customers and build their guitar as they envision it.

This lefty Monaco Elite is certain to do its new southpaw owner justice.
Once assembled, it's time for the nut to be cut, the neck to be checked and the Elite to be put through its paces. One guitar in one day; that's all that each member of our Finishing Department crew can complete. Talk about an honest day's work.