Monaco Quilt-Work - built for Lyle Workman

Designer's note:

"We've worked with a lot of really great musicians over the years, and Lyle tops that list. If you don't know his music take a listen, it's an uplifting (and humbling) experience. Lyle stands out as a master of his chosen instrument, and is a great human being, so each time we build a guitar for him the pleasure for me is extra intense.

The idea here was to make a hybrid Monaco that had the flair of the maple topped SuperPro, but with the open sound of the F-hole version. Lyle wanted it to be appointed like the best Jazz guitars from the 1950s, without being overly gaudy."

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Fabulous Quilt front!
A wonderfully resonant guitar... it doesn't get any better.

One of our favorite tricks is to cap the headstock with a slice from the guitar's top. In theory, you could find the matching spot on the face of the guitar.
Lyle actually picked his color from the Designer Gallery, so you're in good company looking at this page! A deep guitars/customshop color burst against Brazilian rosewood and mother of pearl, all tied up with cellulose binding.


There is so much going on, yet it appears to be a simple instrument at first glance. It's all in the details.

There's not a bad angle on this guitar. That's a TonePros featherweight aluminum tailpiece with matching bridge. The F-holes are hand-bound with grained ivoroid.

This guitar sounds amazing and it stands up as a piece of functional art that seems to dance in the sunlight.
Perfectly matched neck and body mahogany allows the entire instrument to resonate as one. The neck carve is reminiscent of vintage instruments.

One last look before it gets sent off to Lyle.We can't wait to see this one under the stage lights, making music as only he can!