Flame Vector

Designer's note:

"Bob Willcutt told us that this vision came to him in a dream—a burning, arrow-shaped guitar with a bright cherry fingerboard. He said it was as if the guitar was on fire.

The main challenge was to deep-stain the fingerboard to resist wearing through while still matching the color of the guitar. We used a beautiful piece of quarter sawn fiddleback maple for the top and saved a matched piece for the fingerboard. It really turned out... like a dream."

(click each photo for a larger image)

Finding a piece of figured maple wide enough for this shape isn't easy, but we came up with the perfect piece. Take a close look at the breathtaking figure running through the fingerboard.
One of the simplest, most elegant headstocks in black is brought to life with a subtle touch. We used a light red pearl for the logo inlay to go with the rest of the guitar! It's almost as if the "fire" is inside the headstock.

We love the neck joint on this guitar. Smooth and sensual, and the dovetail joint really connects sonically. Notice how the neck and body mahogany matches, here's where our attention to detail really shows.
The guitar's electronics are rear-loaded in order to avoid a pickguard and show off the maple top. An angled output on the lower wing is a nice touch too. How does it sound? Like a house on fire!


Just as nice from this angle, you can see how the mahogany body and neck were matched for grain, color and density.