"Custom Slammer SLMK" African Korina

Co-Designed with and available exclusively at Willcutt Guitar Shoppe

Designer's note:

"Hamer's latest addition to the Designer Gallery is actually a pair of models; the single pickup Custom Slammer SLME and the two pickup Custom Slammer SLMK. We wanted to create a short run of African Limba guitars that were simple, to the point yet complex when studied in detail. In short, you can't judge this book by its cover—as good looking as the cover may be.

Like its sister, the Custom Slammer SLME, the Custom Slammer SLMK is a lean mean machine, full of tone and surprisingly versatile. The use of two Antiquity P-90s in a guitars/customshop voicing gives this version even more bandwidth. You will be pleasantly surprised how these guitars possess a remarkably open, and generally more versatile tone than you would expect from a P-90 equipped instrument. Most guitars have tone controls that are worthless, but the famous Hamer tone circuit will make a believer out of you."

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Every detail is attended to right down to matching the neck and body by building them from the same boards!
The gorgeous Brazilian rosewood fingerboard is outlined with a single thin strip of ivoroid cellulose binding, just to make it "pop" like a nice frame on a painting. Check out the massive neck joint—over fifteen square inches of gluing area! Even the side marker dots are real pearl.

The African Limba is from a secret stash of exceptionally straight grained boards that we've held for just the right project. These guitars are very dense and produce a tone that is unique to this series. Part of the focusing mechanism is the use of a TonePros wrap-around bridge that gets locked down solidly to the soundboard.
Another Hamer trademark is the way we cut the backplate from the body blank in order to match the grain. As always, when you open it, the inside looks as nice as the outside. Yes, we did buff and polish the potentiometers just for fun.

The backplate is secured by 304-stainless machine screws that have silicone gasketing underneath the heads to evenly distribute the pressure. The receivers for the screws are threaded brass inserts pressed into the guitar's body. We use stainless steel screws on the pickguard too.
We are proudly using the first run of the "new" Kluson tuners from TonePros on this limited edition, and each guitar is sequentially serialized within the run of ten guitars.

Antiquity documentation as well as a signed Hamer Certificate is included with each guitar.