Korina Monaco III SubTone

Designer's note:

"Tuned down to a low B, this rumbling instrument is the lazy-man's seven string solution! When your band mates play in any given key, you just move over one string higher and carry on like normal. Transposing couldn't be simpler. Of course when you play that open B chord (normal E chord fingering) the floor vibrates and the windows rattle.

Just to make things as lively as possible, we decided to make a single coil version based on the Monaco III. African Limba was selected to keep the highs airy and transparent too. This is a great songwriting tool. Even those same-old, tired old licks sound new and fresh when you play them on the Monaco SubTone."

(click each photo for a larger image)

The idea of a Monaco III in African Limba was a natural, but an even cooler choice for the longer-scale Subtone variant. There's so much going on with this instrument, but it isn't in your face about it. Of course, when you plug it in it will stop traffic.
Here's another view of the top side, the tortoise shell binding glows in the light and is the perfect border for the light aged finish. One of the best features of this guitar is the fact that the scale is only marginally longer at 26.25".

The headstock is understated elegance and in this photo you can really see the depth of the cellulose binding.
Plenty of hand clearance up to the high registers is provided by the deep cutaway, and the full-wedge dovetail joint has over fifteen square inches of contact area for massive sustain! Take this to a gig and everyone will want to use it.