"Triple Threat 2005" Limited Model

Designed in collaboration with, and only available at:
Dave's Guitars, LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Music Machine, Kennewick, Washington
Wildwood Guitars, Louisville, Colorado

Designer's note:

"We are pleased to unveil a very special limited edition model that I call the Triple Threat. It's named after the three most unique features of the guitar and is a reference to three esteemed design collaborators at the dealerships that will exclusively offer this model this year. Each instrument is a little different—some tops are flat-sawn and some are quarter-sawn and all are under 8.5 lbs. In addition to our '59 burst, colors are Ic'd-T and Wash'd-T.

In order to capture a different timbre, we've employed a single element neck design crafted from aged honduras mahogany. To provide maximum stability we have used seasoned wood and allowed the finished necks to normalize for a long period before curving and fretting the Brazilian rosewood fingerboard.

The second bold feature is the 17 degree headstock angle which makes this instrument unique among modern Hamers.The final touch is the use of a TonePros AVR II vintage style bridge and matching TonePros tailpiece in cast zinc. All hardware is nickel finish. This was a very fun project with a great group of people, but when these are gone... that's all folks!"

(click each photo for a larger image)

Beautiful Brazilian rosewood with our genuine pearl victory inlays on a single element honduras neck. The guitars/customshop carve on the neck tapers to a massive joint that gives the high notes a fatness that is beyond sweet.
This is the '59 burst on a gloriously figured flame top. The TonePros vintage vibe and specially calibrated Duncan humbuckers glow with nickel plating.


Here's another example, this time with a flat-sawn top in the Wash'd-T color. Every top is different, and each one was sunbursted differently to bring out its individual character. This assures you that your guitar is unique and unlike any other. Man, look at that fingerboard!
If we'd known back then, what we know today... this would be the result. Surprise, You can have the best of both worlds!


Crisp lines, gloss black and contrasting binding of grained ivoroid. Not an injection-molded piece, but a real hand-inlaid multi-part binding that takes an agonizing amount of time and skill to do properly. The logo is real pearl too! I love the way our guys polish the genuine bone nut to a high gloss.
If you want the "downforce" created by a steep headstock angle, this is your chance to get it. I love the detail around the nut, notice how the binding and nut are perfectly flush and polished.


Just one more look at the way our builders match the neck to the body. Each component is evaluated and then matched for grain and density. A single piece neck and a single piece body, simple construction done right.